Melinda and I met Albion in March 2004 when we were roommates for a week during a missions trip to Romania. She blogs at Albion Cooks and A Girl with a House.

1. What is your current season of life (i.e. wife, mother, single, student, etc.) Please give us a brief introduction to your family.

~ I’m a wife and homemaker; my husband Nathan and I have been married for nearly two delightful years.

2. Who has been the best example of a wholesome woman to you? What about this lady has been most encouraging to you?

~ My mom. She has thrown herself wholeheartedly into her role as wife and mother, and does it to bring God glory. I can think of no better example of wholesome womanhood than that! I think what encourages me most about my mom is her submissive and honoring attitude to my dad in their marriage. I have never heard her speak badly of him, and she joyfully cares for him.

3. What is one aspect of wholesome womanhood you are seeking to learn about right now? What resources are you using?

~ Getting married allowed me to experience a new role as a woman -being a wife. I quickly found that I had a lack of knowledge about that role, specifically what the scriptures say about a godly wife. Of course, the Bible is the best source of teaching on that! but a few books that have helped me gain more understanding about being a godly wife are: Feminine Appeal by Carolyn Mahaney, Radical Womanhood by Carolyn McCulley, and Men and Women, Equal Yet Different by Alexander Strauch (these are great for any woman! not just wives)

4. What does wholesome womanhood mean to you and how do you practically live it out?

~ To me, wholesome womanhood means reveling in the role God has given me as a woman, for His glory. The scriptures are rich with instruction and commands to obey, but the one command that is particularly applicable to the specific role I am in right now is found in Ephesians 5:22…”Wives, submit to your husbands as to the Lord”. Taking this to heart, I strive to be first obedient to the Lord, and through that, submit to my husband.

5. How do you seek to make God the first priority in your life?

~ Someone once told me “if you want to know God better, you need to read the Word” and I can agree this is true! I need to study the Word on a regular basis…if I don’t, I begin to forget that God is worthy of my praise, honor, and obedience. One of the things that helps me to consistently study the bible is Bible Study Fellowship -a weekly bible study that requires personal study on a daily basis.

6. How do you make sure your priorities in your family come before other activities?

~ I try to make sure that my husband and I talk about activities and responsibilities before I make a commitment. Sometimes it’s not convenient, but it protects me from getting in over my head by committing to too many things at one time!

7. In what specific ways do you purposely choose/pursue to be feminine?

~ I try to be feminine in the way I dress… it’s one more way to embrace being the woman God made me.

8. In what ways have you struggled with contentment? What has helped you gain victory in that area?

~ When I got married, I moved three hours from my family, friends, and church. The loneliness that resulted was a huge temptation for discontentment…not just a temptation, sometimes it was my excuse. God has since blessed me with new friends, and that has eased the loneliness. But my heart is still tempted to find contentment in things other than God…as Robert Robinson phrases it in his hymn Come Thou Fount “prone to wander, Lord I feel it, prone to leave the God I love”. For this, as for so many other things, I need continual study in the Word (and the Holy Spirit bringing to remembrance the truths of the Word) to remind me that lasting peace comes from the Lord, and He is sufficient for all my needs. Nothing kills discontentment faster than delighting in the blessings and joy of the Lord.

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