Practical Look at Wholesome Womanhood Part 2

In part 1, my sisters and I gave a broad overview of our understanding of what it means to be a wholesome woman. It is easy to talk in general terms, but as we mentioned in part 1 wholesome womanhood will look different in each woman’s life. Every woman is in her own season of life. God calls each of us to different challenges, responsibilities, and trials. It is every Christian woman’s responsibility to embrace what God has given her and to pursue wholesome womanhood in the midst of the unique circumstances of her life.

For the next three weeks, my sisters and I are each writing a post that will give a more practical look at how we are each pursuing wholesome womanhood in our lives.

Always putting God first – God has recently been placing it on my heart that He is not the first, top priority in my life. I am currently seeking to revamp the way I approach my personal devotions and the time (or rather lack thereof) that I spend with God. All too often my personal devotions occur late at night when I’m very tired. I quickly read one chapter (usually a short psalm) and consider my “duty” fulfilled. If I am to pursue wholesome womanhood, this must change. I have plenty of time I dedicate to other less important activities that could be given up in order to make time with God my first priority. This is definitely a struggle! It is definitely something I’m working on.

Being content where God has you – This is a big area for me. I know I tend to have a pessimistic (I prefer to call it realistic) outlook on life. Too often this leads me to a great deal of discouragement because God is not doing what I want Him to be doing in my life…and it looks like He never will. Recently I have been realizing that if I believe God is doing what is best for me…my attitude needs to match that. It’s not enough to say I believe that God is working good things in my life if I don’t live like I believe it. I’m working on changing my thought patterns so that I live in such a way as to bring my walk (i.e. my attitude) into synch with my talk (i.e. what I say I believe about God).

These are the two biggest areas I’m working on as I seek to continue developing wholesome womanhood in my life.

~ Melinda ~

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One Response to Practical Look at Wholesome Womanhood Part 2

  1. Jamie says:

    Hi Melinda- I found your blog through Carrie. She took her Bradley class with me when she was pregnant with Drew.

    Anyways, I want to encourage you. I think you are doing a good thing by blogging about being a Godly woman as a single woman. There are a lot of blogs that discuss our roles as wives and mothers and how to glorify God in those roles, but I think it is important to also recognize (as you and your sisters do) that we have the opportunity to glorify God in all stages of life.

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