Progress on the 101 List

At the end of January, I set four goals to work toward. They were to finish reading Sense and Sensibility, finish my bachelor’s degree, memorize one chapter of the Bible, and read more books in February than January. Well, I made limited progress on these goals…and threw an extra task into the mix.

1.I did finish reading Sense and Sensibility. This is the very first Jane Austen book I have read…and it was very good. I’m glad I finally had the self-discipline actually to finish one of Jane Austen’s book. But I will be honest and say that if reading Sense and Sensibility had not been on my 101 list, I’m wouldn’t have finished the book.

2. I haven’t finished my bachelor’s degree…but I’m SO close. I’m about half way through my last two classes. I’m estimating it should take 2-3 weeks to complete both classes, assuming I stay focused on them.

3. I did not memorize a whole chapter of Scripture. I have picked the book of Colossians to memorize and I have begun working on the first chapter. I have maybe half of it down.

4. I did read more books in February than January. I made it through three books last January and bumped it up to four books in February. The books I read can be seen HERE.

5. I did finish The Thirty Day Shred however! That is quite an accomplishment for me. I’ve never exercised for so many days consecutively. Actually the thirty days weren’t completely consecutive…but I did finish the entire thing.

Marking two items off my 101 list (reading Sense and Sensibility and The Thirty Day Shred) has me a bit more motivated to continue working on my various 101 goals. So…for the month of March, I hope to meet the following goals.

1. Read a Shakespeare play…besides Hamlet. I had to read Hamlet for my literature class…and discovered I loved it! I’m hoping I will enjoy more of Shakespeare’s plays. If anyone has a favorite Shakespeare play to recommend, please do so. I’m not sure yet which play I will read.

2. Finish my bachelor’s degree. This of course will be a very big deal. After four years of college, the end is almost here! But I have to get through two more classes…one of which is a speech class. *sigh* Speech is my school nemesis, so to speak.

3. Finish memorizing Colossians 1.

4. Try spaetzle.

5. Complete “A Day In My Life” post.

6. Switch to all-natural hair care. I discovered that baking soda can be used for a natural shampoo. For blond hair, apple cider vinegar works well as a conditioner. I’ve used both of these for my hair in the past…but I’ve always returned to the ease of squeezing shampoo out of a bottle. In March, I want to switch completely using natural products for washing my hair.

There you have it! It looks like March will be a busy month…hopefully a lot of progress will be made on my 101 list.

~ Melinda ~

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One Response to Progress on the 101 List

  1. Jeanette W. says:


    I read Much Ado about Nothing last year and really enjoyed it. It is a very witty, comical play. : )


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