Calzone Rolls

I’m sad to say that these Calzone Rolls are the first Taste of Home recipe from “our” cookbook to be considered a flop. Although in all honesty, I haven’t even tasted them yet. Perhaps they taste amazing.

Their flopped status rests solely on how they LOOK. My rolls did not stay rolled. In fact, it was very difficult to even roll up the dough. They ended up more like blobs. And then they all cooked together in the oven…so I ended up with Pizza Bars. They look edible…but not amazing. I sent them with Tim to work today…so tonight I’ll get a verdict from him about whether I should try this recipe again.

Perhaps it flopped because I used a different dough recipe. ๐Ÿ™‚ As usual, I did not follow the recipe ver batim. We have a great dough recipe that works perfectly for pizza and cinnamon rolls. I figured, why mess with a good thing? Maybe this dough was just not meant to be calzone rolls. Or perhaps I should not have put so many fillings on the dough. Or maybe if I had sprinkled flour on the counter so it wouldn’t stick. Or maybe…

Yes…if Tim comes home and says the taste was amazing, I will try this recipe again. And I’ll definitely do things differently. If on the other hand he comes home and says they aren’t too spectacular, I’ll just leave this recipe alone. I’ve tried variations of this type ofย  pizza roll before…and none of them have been a big success.

I guess I’m just not cut out for these types of recipes. ๐Ÿ™‚

~ Carrie ~

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