Our family has no set schedule…we don’t do the same thing at the same time every day. Part of the reason for that is Tim’s work schedule. During the week we get up anywhere from 5:30 to 8:30, depending on the day. So to have the same schedule for every day simply doesn’t work. 🙂

However there is some semblence of order in our lives. No matter when Tim and I get up, the boys don’t usually wake up until 7:15 or so. So if I’m up at 5:30 it gives me quite a bit of time to get things done before they wake up! (I usually use that time to work on computer related items…)

Once the boys are up, we exercise, get the boys dressed, eat breakfast, pick up and play. (Not necessarily in that order! :-)) We keep busy working on things until the boys get tired.  Just recently Drew doesn’t always need a morning nap. So on the days when he isn’t tired, he has a quiet time. During the naps/quiet time I get work done on my computer…blog posts, surveys, emails, lesson plans, paying bills, etc. When he naps, Drew usually sleeps for around 2 hours. When he gets up we do some more work around the house.

At 12:00 we have lunch. After lunch, whatever is still left on the to-do list for the day is worked on. Around 2:30 Drew is ready for his second nap of the day. Again…while he is sleeping I get some work done on the computer. After another 2-hour nap, he’s up for the rest of the day. We (hopefully!) finish what’s on the to-do list. And that’s the general outline of how our day goes. Tim arrives home anytime between 3:30 and 5:30, depending on the day. So we keep busy with different things until he gets home.

Drew and I have recently started spending a little bit of time on “school” some days. Sometimes it’s only for five minutes…but we keep at it until he loses interest. My mom made him a book for Christmas that he absolutely loves working in. It’s helping him learn how to count, match shapes, button buttons, zip zippers, etc. So we have fun working on that together. We’ve also been working on counting, recognizing objects and learning new words. It’s so excited when he begins to understand a concept! 🙂

So that’s the general overview of my day!

~ Carrie ~

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