In Which We Conquer Catfish

Let me start off by saying, if you don’t like seeing blood you will probably not want to look at our pictures. 🙂

We are trying some very interesting things as we cook our way through “our” cookbook. And Skillet-Grilled Catfish is one of those “interesting” things. Mom was kind enough to buy us a whole catfish. Yes…our dinner started out as a fish…with a head…and eyeballs. We had absolutely no experience with fish of any kind. So we turned to YouTube and found this very informative video. Although it isn’t as easy as it looks! Let’s just say that instead of catfish fillets we ended up with catfish nuggets/strips. 🙂 So our dinner started out like this…..

….and ended up like this. 🙂

We also tried these Rosemary Red Potatoes. Now potatoes we have a lot of experience with. 🙂 So these were much easier.

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One Response to In Which We Conquer Catfish

  1. Mike says:

    2nd Picture…yeah for Ranch!!! lol


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