Articles Worth Reading

The Power of a Family One family can have a major effect on the world…for good or bad.

Noble Mothers in Sacred Homes Today’s world tries to steal the hearts of mothers. The temptations to go out and do something big abound. But what a great calling we have! To shape and train our littles ones for God’s glory!

Living Authentically at Home What a great reminder of the amazing responsibility wives and mothers have! It takes intentional thought and work to be a godly influence. It takes a conscious effort to reject the less important things for the most important things.

I Like People Giving grace has something I’ve been thinking on a lot recently. It’s easy to love the people that love me back. And it’s easy to get frustrated when someone cuts me off when driving, when someone accidentally hurts me, etc. I want to be an example to my sons of someone who gives grace to people even when they don’t deserve it.

Top 40 Frugal Living Tips of 2009 I’m always interested in new ways to be a good steward of the money God gives us and that Tim works so hard for. These tips are great!

Raising Sons Sound in Faith Obviously since I have two sons I’m interested in how to train godly young men! 🙂 After reading this article I want to make an effort to show our sons the examples of godly men around him…starting with their daddy and their grandfathers. What a blessing that my boys have three godly men in their lives!

Leading an Army to Battle What a great reminder that the work I am doing with my children is as great a work as fighting a big battle for the Lord.

Staying the Course in Child Training When things are going well in the child training department it’s easy to slack off figuring most of the work is done. Or when I’m not feeling good it’s easy to let the “little” things slide. However, my goal in training my children is not to just have “perfect” little angels, but to direct them to God. Such a high calling!

Mothering: Train Against the Grain Last month our family was sick for a couple of weeks. First the stomach flu and then colds. It was difficult to feel so miserable, but still needing to take care of my family. This post is convicting. Am I willing to be “used all up” to serve my family, just as Jesus gave all for me?

~ Carrie ~

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1 Response to Articles Worth Reading

  1. Dimes2Vines says:

    Thank you so much for including my Top 40 Frugal Living Tips in your list! It is a matter of being good stewards with what the Lord has given us!

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