Homemade Chocolate Play Dough

This afternoon I tried my first Amy’s Notebook Projects from my 101 list. Homemade play dough sounded like fun…but chocolate play dough? Who wouldn’t want to play with play dough that looks and smells like delicious chocolate? 🙂 (For the record, Drew did end up tasting it. And while it might smell yummy, it’s taste doesn’t quite match the smell. :-))

I followed the recipe I linked to above, with only one slight modification. I didn’t add the cream of tarter since I didn’t have any. I put all the dry ingredients in the saucepan and let Drew stir those together. Then I put the pot on a low heat on the stove while adding the wet ingredients. Mixed it up. Put it on the counter and kneaded it a few times and voila! Simple, easy and fun!

And then of course we had to try playing with it. It actually felt like REAL play dough. And when it dried on your hands it felt like REAL play dough. In fact, the only thing it didn’t have was that interesting play dough smell. Ours smelled much, much better! 🙂

So…all in all…our first little project was a success.

~ Carrie ~

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One Response to Homemade Chocolate Play Dough

  1. What a cool idea! 🙂

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