Committed to Courtship…and Waiting

Before Dad gave me my purity ring, I remember anticipating the day when he would give it to me. There was no question in my mind that I was committed to courtship as well as remaining pure for one man. When Dad finally gave me my ring, I was excited and quickly assented to the commitment Dad asked of me.

On that day, it was very easy for me to make a commitment to courtship. At the time the possibility of marriage was in my distant future. Committing to courtship when I was in my teens was easy enough, when marriage wasn’t staring me in the face.

Commitments are easy to make when there is nothing to challenge them. The hard part comes after the commitment is made and then the commitment is tested. Carrie was the first person among our friends and peers to get married…but she seemed to start a trend. Since then so many friends and acquaintances have announced courtships, engagements, then marriage, and even baby announcements. Perhaps it’s just me but when other people are getting married with seemingly no problem, my own commitment to wait patiently for my own man gets severely tested.

It’s a lot harder to continue waiting patiently during the challenging times of life. A commitment to purity requires a willingness to wait. When I get impatient with God’s timing, it would be tempting to make compromises if it weren’t for the commitment I made to God and my dad.

When we were young, Dad emphasized to my sisters and me the importance of making commitments before an issue comes up. He used the example of Daniel. Daniel made the commitment to eat certain foods; when the king’s man wanted Daniel to eat the king’s food, Daniel had no question in his mind. Because of his commitment, Daniel could not eat that food. Similarly, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego made a commitment to God so it was not an option in their minds when the king demanded them to worship him.

Similarly, I made a commitment to courtship and waiting in my teens when it was easy to make the commitment. In my life then, it is not an option to change that commitment when the challenges come. The reason for the commitment is to hold me to the standards of purity even when the going gets tough. Commitments are important; they keep us on track when life gets challenging.

When it seems all my friends are courting, getting married, and starting families, my commitment is tested. Am I willing to remain true to the commitment I made to wait for romance in God’s timing? To keep my heart in check until God brings a godly man along?

The answer must be “yes”.

~ Melinda ~

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One Response to Committed to Courtship…and Waiting

  1. Merrie says:

    I really like that you said “waiting patiently“. Because of course we’re going to wait, but to wait patiently is pretty hard! You just challenged me. Thanks. =)

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