More Canning

Since Carrie and I enjoyed canning the pumpkins, I looked forward to our next chance to can. When I saw an excellent sale on tomatoes, I called Carrie to see if she would want to make and can salsa. She quickly agreed. Mom and I went shopping for all the necessary ingredients at a local store that has great sale prices on produce. We purchased about 10 pounds of tomatoes and the other necessary items (tomatillos, peppers, onions, etc.) for salsa for $9.

When Carrie was next out at our house, we started chopping vegetables and mixed them in a large pot. We added lemon juice, garlic, pepper, and salt to taste. It turned out very yummy.

Drew enjoyed helping me dry the tomatoes after Carrie washed them. All of a sudden though, he decided it would be a good idea to taste the tomato…so he did. I’m not sure it was a favorite taste because the above picture shows how far he got in eating the tomato…although there were several tomatoes that looked like that.

Our ten pounds of tomatoes made enough for us to get eleven pint sized jars of salsa plus enough extra to serve with our dinner that night. Overall, the salsa canning experiment was a success. We did not burn any towels this time either. 🙂 The next time tomatoes are on sale Carrie and I hope to make salsa again.

~ Melinda and Carrie ~

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