January Progress

I was so excited to start working on my 101 list on January 1 and then it kinda faded into the background as life picked up pace. (I can’t believe we are already in February!!) With that said, here’s what I accomplished in January…

#4 – My goal was to read one book. I actually finished a book I had started in December and read a second one. So two books down with only 24 more to go! 🙂

#5 – I was hoping to be able to mark this one off, but this was a big FAIL! I had good intentions, but then our family got sick with first the stomach flu and then a cold. So I didn’t exercise for about two weeks there. But I’m back on track and hope to be able to mark this off at the end of February.

#10- I was hoping to master the art of doing a crown braid on myself, but that didn’t happen this month either. However I did rediscover a hairdo I enjoy doing, so I’ll consider this a success. So far I’m up to five hair dos I can successfully do on myself. 🙂

#17 – I did write in my journal at least once a week this month and I actually ended up writing more often than that. 🙂

#55 – I worked on figuring out what all I wanted to include in a Home Management Binder, although I haven’t made one yet.

#79 – The dates for Bradley certification for 2010 were finally published online and I know the dates of when I want to attend the seminar and they are later in the year. Yay! 🙂

That is my progress so far. 🙂 Here are my goals for February…

#4 – Read three more books…The Joy of a Word-Filled Family, A Woman’s Call to Prayer and Destination: Moon.

#8 – I want to complete one of Amy’s Notebook Projects. I’m hoping to find one that I can do with my boys.

#41 – I want to get a good start on finding a list of snacks I can make for Tim to take to work. It would be really nice if I could find all 20 this month! 🙂

#75 – We have a couple of friends who are expecting babies in the upcoming months so I’m hoping to make a baby blanket this month.

~ Carrie ~

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