Price Per Diaper

We go through a lot of diapers at our house. 🙂 Figuring out the price per diaper has been a big help in figuring out if a sale price is a good deal or not. For quite a while my price to beat was $0.25/diaper. Anything less than that I felt was an acceptable price to pay.

However, recently we stopped into Target to buy diapers, because we had run out. So after looking at all the different brands of diapers available to buy, we found out that Target regularly has their store brand (Up and Up) priced at $0.17 per diaper for Drew’s size and $0.14/diaper for Carter’s size! (And to top it off, we have found that Up and Up is just as good as Huggies. :-)) So now I have a new price to beat! 🙂

So once again I’ve learned that it definitely pays (literally!) to take the time to figure out the actual price of something. (To see my other recent lesson in this area, see this post.)

~ Carrie ~

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