Dug Down Deep by Joshua Harris

I received a complementary copy of Joshua Harris’ new book, Dug Down Deep, in exchange for reading the book and posting a review on our blog.

Overall, the book is very well-written. The book addresses a much-needed topic within the modern American church. The subtitle of the book is “Unearthing What I Believe and Why It Matters”. That sums up the purpose of the book.

In the first chapter, Harris explains how young people grow up within the church and accept the Christian beliefs of their parents but they do not really understand what Christian doctrine really means and how it should affect their lives. At the end of the first chapter, Harris sums up the purpose of the book with these words: “This book is the story of how I first glimpsed the beauty of Christian theology. These pages hold the journal entries of my own spiritual journey – a journey that led to the realization that sound doctrine is at the center of loving Jesus with passion and authenticity. I want to share how I learned that orthodoxy isn’t just for old men but is for anyone who longs to behold a God who is bigger and more real and glorious than the human mind can imagine.” (p. 16)

In the subsequent chapters, Harris addresses different Christian doctrines and how it should practically affect the lives of believers. For example, Harris deals with the importance of Scripture and talks about how it should be the final authority and rule in the lives of believers. “The most common way people cut and burn God’s Word is to strip it of the quality it claims for itself. So if I say that although Scripture is inspired, it has errors, I can claim a great regard for the Bible, but I’ve essentially made myself the judge over it. If it’s possible for some part of it to be untrue, then I am now in the role of choosing what I will and won’t listen to in Scripture.” (p. 67)

In another chapter, Harris deals with the importance of the cross…even in the lives of believers. It is not enough to realize your sinfulness, accept salvation, and then forget the importance of the cross after that. The power of the cross must affect every area of life…even after you are saved.

Harris deals with the topics of the Holy Spirit’s work in the lives of believers, the importance of understanding Jesus as God-man, and the importance of starving the flesh, among other topics. Harris’ book is definitely worth the time it takes to read the book. Harris’ writing style is easy to read; he includes plenty of personal stories, illustrations, and humor to keep the chapters moving quickly.

I would definitely recommend this book as dealing since this book offers an easy-to-read yet compelling read on Christian doctrine.

If you would like to purchase a copy of this book, please visit the publisher to buy a copy of Dug Down Deep by Joshua Harris.

This was book was provided for review by WaterBrook Multnomah.

~ Melinda ~

The sequel to Do Hard Things has just come out this week. Start Here definitely does not disappoint. After writing Do Hard Things, apparently Alex and Brett received questions about how to go about doing hard things. Start Here is full of practical ideas on how to do hard things for God.

Alex and Brett talk about how to plan and execute a big hard thing. They share lots of testimonies from young people who have done big things, such as raising money to build wells for people in a third-world country or a three siblings who put on a concert to raise money to help stop the s*x trade in Houston. Alex and Brett talk about how to plan such tasks and how to raise support and money for the tasks.

Through it all, Alex and Brett remind all Christians to remember they do hard things for God’s glory, cautioning against developing pride.

I especially appreciate that Alex and Brett do not just focus on “big” hard things…but they also talk about “small” hard things. They do not differentiate between the big tasks and the small tasks. Any hard thing, whether hard or small, needs to be done for God’s glory. Alex and Brett remind their readers that they must maintain a relationship with God as the foundation for any hard thing. They talk about how Christians need to do hard things such as honoring and submitting to parents and maintaining good relationships with siblings.

Alex and Brett provided excellent, practical advice on how to do and implement the mindset of doing hard things for God. This is a book for every Christian.

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2 Responses to Dug Down Deep by Joshua Harris

  1. Sarah Glover says:

    I love his books! How’d you get that complimentary copy??? I could write a review on my blog. LOL. 🙂

  2. wholesomewomanhood says:


    Multnomah Publishers has a program where bloggers can sign up to receive complementary copies of new books in exchange for writing a review for their blogs. I have received multiple “invitations” to review various books but Johsua Harris’ book is the only one that interested me.

    Here’s the link if you are interested in purusing Multnomah’s blogging for books program.


    ~ Melinda ~

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