Handmade Christmas 1.3: Scrap Quilt

You may recognize this quilt from a post I did a while back…So Many Quilts, So little Time. Since that time two of the quilts have been finished…one of which you can see below.

 I decided to finish up this blue scrap quilt as a Christmas gift for Carrie. The squares for this quilt were given to my family already cut. So I had to come up with something to do with pre-cut quilt squares. The fabric is not something I would have chosen…but I love the way the quilt came out once all the squares were sewn together.

This was my first attempt at trying machine quilting that was not just stitching in the ditch. Thanks to the inspiration of 365 Days of Free Motion Quilting, I decided to try something new on this quilt. I’m not sure what I did could really be classified as free motion quilting…but at least it’s more creative than stitching in the ditch and I was quite thrilled with the outcome.

I finished the binding of the quilt up a few days before Christmas. When Carrie opened it, she was quite please with the result. Mission Accomplished.

~ Melinda ~

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