Relief from Headaches

    As one who has headaches frequently, I have discovered several things that can help relieve the pain and discomfort of headaches. I get different types of headaches too and so not all of these things always helps. Usually when I have a headache I start working my way through some of these things that have helped in the past. Depending on how bad the headache is or what caused it determines how helpful the following ideas are. But if you suffer from headaches as well, try some of the following ideas. I hope at least one of them is helpful to you.1. Eating or Drinking – Headaches can be caused by low blood sugar and dehydration. If you have a headache, try eating something and drinking  a glass of water. I have experimented with eating small snacks throughout the day (an apple or an orange) to help keep my blood sugar better regulated. If a headache is caused by low blood sugar, then eating more frequently should help.2. Lying down in a dark room – When a headache gets too uncomfortable such that I have a hard time doing what needs to be done, I have discovered lying down in a dark room helps alleviate the discomfort. I’ll lie down with a pillow over my face, blocking out as much light as possible. Additionally, I’ll place my arm on top of the pillow or lie face-down on the pillow so I also have some pressure on my head. Pressure helps relieve my headaches as well.

    3. Massage – I won’t say too much here other than to direct you to the following video which gives some ideas on how to massage your head if you have a headache.

4. Tylenol (or some other pain killer) – This is my least favorite way of dealing with a headache. When I get headaches on multiple consecutive days, I don’t want to have a lot of medication and drugs just piling up in my system. However, I do try taking some pain killer if other methods of relieving the pain doesn’t work. I always take a large dosage because otherwise it does not help at all. Even still…pain medication only works on my headaches about 50% of the time.

5. A cold washcloth – I discovered a cold washcloth covering the eyes really feels amazing when you have a headache. I dampen a washcloth and place it in the freezer for a while. The freezer works better because the cloth stays colder longer after it has just begun to freeze than it will if it has only been in the refrigerator.

6. DLPA – My mom found this for me at a local vitamin store a couple years ago. An employee in there recommended it for headaches. When Mom first got it for me, it did wonders in clearing up the headaches I had. It hasn’t been as helpful in recent days though. But if you suffer from headaches on a regular basis, I would definitely recommend looking into this.

7. Mint aromatherapy – Mint is good for headaches. We have a mint plant in our yard so I pull several bunches off the plant and place them in a bowl of steaming water. Next I take a towel and make a tent over my head and lean over the bowl so the I am breathing the steam. The mint smells so good! Plus this is one of the best ways I’ve found to relieve pain from headaches. The mint really does do wonders. It doesn’t always completely eliminate the headache but it usually helps.

~ Melinda ~

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