Attitude of Grattitude: So Many Small Things

There are so many small things God blesses me with throughout the days and weeks. Things that I often do not take the time to stop and appreciate. So these are some of the small things I’m grateful for.

~ We finally have cold weather! Our winter weather held out for awhile playing hide and go seek. But we finally have normall winter weather. Just perfect for Christmas time!

~ Our cell phones that allow me to keep in contact with Tim when he is away.

~ Warm clothes…yes…with the cooler weather it is also nice to have warm jackets so that we don’t get too cold! 🙂

~ Jars of canned pumpkin waiting for some fun recipe.

~ Little fingerprints on my computer screen that remind me of my precious son.

~ My nice new laptop that Tim bought as a suprise for me.

~ My iPod that is once again working. I love listening to music! (So does Drew… :-))

My desire is to be so aware of all the little blessings that God gives me throughout the day. To thank Him for them instead of letting them pass by unnoticed.

~ Carrie ~

To see what others are thankful for this Christmas season, visit Christian Home Keeper.

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