Pumpkin Fudge

Well, after all the fun Carrie and I had canning our pumpkin, I could barely wait to use some of the pumpkin. I browsed the list of pumpkin recipes I had bookmarked and picked a couple that I thought would be fun to try. I decided to try the pumpkin fudge recipe.

I have never really made candy before so this recipe was a bit more involved than I expected. It involves standing over a hot stove for an extended period of time, patiently stirring your candy mixture while it takes its own precious time to reach the soft ball stage. Once my pumpkin fudge reached that point, the rest was easy.

It turned out good…but a bit strange. I think it may just be me because to be perfectly honest it just seems like pumpkin and fudge don’t go together. These little candies taste just like pumpkin pie with the consistency of fudge. It is a strange combination, in my opinion.

Overall, they tasted good…but I’m not sure it’s something I will try again.

I took this pumpkin fudge to a game night with some friends. I got all sorts of responses to it. One guy said, “This has a lot of sugar!” Another friend said, “It’s very pumpkin-y.” Only one guy unequivocally said that it tasted good and he liked it.

~ Melinda ~

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