Nine Lessons in Carols

This morning in lieu of our regular order of worship, our church went through The Nine Lessons in Christmas Carols. The Nine Lessons are quite powerful when put together into a cohesive service. The Nine Lessons are described by Wikipedia:

“The story of the fall of humanity, the promise of the Messiah, and the birth of Jesus is told in nine short Bible readings, interspersed with the singing of Christmas carols and hymns.”

I found the service to be particularly powerful because the Nine Lessons starts at the very beginning of history with Adam and Eve’s fall into sin followed by the prophecy of the coming Messiah. During the Christmas season, the story of Christ’s birth is heavily emphasized in Christian churches…but it’s not too often that the reason Christ came is emphasized. If sin had not entered the world, then we would not be celebrating Christ’s birth. Going back to Genesis gave a more comprehensive look at the story of Christ’s birth.

I deeply appreciated the service this morning because I was reminded of several things:

1 – The reason for Christ’s birth was the need for a Savior as a result of sin. It was sobering to me to be reminded that Christ’s birth occurred because of man’s sinfulness. While His birth does cause great rejoicing, it is also sad because it reminded me of my own sinfulness. But praise God, He did not leave us in sin!

2 – The Nine Lessons closed with a Scripture reading from John 1. What a great reminder that Christ’s birth was not just the birth of a very special baby. It was the incarnation of God! God became man on that night in Bethlehem. What a glorious, and yet mind-boggling, truth!

The Nine Lessons start in Genesis, painting a picture of why a Savior is needed. They trace the longing of the prophets in the Old Testament for the Messiah. Finally, the Lessons remind the believer of the birth of Christ. In closing, the Lessons remind the worshipper that it was indeed a great event that took place that night in Bethlehem. God was born as a man.

Our service closed this morning with O Come, All Ye Faithful. A fitting ending to a service that focused on Jesus the Messiah.

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~ Melinda ~

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  1. Thanks for linking up ladies! I haven’t heard of the 9 Lessons, but I love it now and will be researching it more! It reminds me of what the Jesse Tree concept is trying to impart.

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