Slide Up Braid

The other day I was experimenting with my hair and tried this braid.  I was standing in the kitchen just braiding away when my Mom and sister exclaimed mightily and told me that it looked really good.  Haha….  So the post on the blog I found gave way to the experiment in the kitchen which gave way to this hairstyle.  Thanks to Melinda for her help and the pictures she took!

In order to achieve the look we were going for, I discovered that I needed to get the braid started at an angle.  Can be a little hard on the arms, but…  🙂 

After getting a small section of hair, do a normal braid, loosely.  If you have long hair, you probably will not want to braid all the way to the end, or you might have trouble with the next step. 

Hold onto the middle strand of the braid….

….and slide the other two strands up…..

…leaving you with something like this!

We pinned it to the side.  This left the end poking out in an odd fashion, however, so…

…we used bobby pins to secure the end underneath the rest of my hair.

We added the flower to cover the bobby pins on the side.

I like the way this hairdo turned out…and it only takes a few minutes to do!  The blog I found this braid idea on has a great video tutorial, as well.


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