Thanksgiving Memories…

…or why I will never stuff a turkey. 🙂

Thanksgiving. That word provokes many happy thoughts…family, celebration, giving thanks, big meal, favorite family recipes and fellowship. I have a lot of memories of Thanksgivings gone by…the years my birthday fell on Thanksgiving…playing games with family…laughter…Granddaddy’s delicious lemon meringue pie…

But the most memorable Thanksgiving was the year my mom, sisters and I all got salmonella. I won’t bore you with all the details of that. 🙂 Let’s just suffice it to say it took close to two months before that “little” bug was completely gone from our house.

The health department asked questions, wondering if we had picked this “little bug” up from some restaurant and some epidemic was about to surface. The only thing we could pin this unfortunate event to????

It was the only year Mom had actually put the stuffing IN our turkey.

You see, my mom makes the best stuffing. However, it doesn’t cook INSIDE the turkey. We just pile it in the turkey roasting pan NEXT to the turkey. And it always ends up moist and delicious…


we don’t get salmonella. 🙂

So yes…Thanksgiving does bring happy thoughts. In fact, Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of the year. However, every year I remember that memorable Thanksgiving when my family had salmonella. 🙂

For more turkey stories…visit The Happy Housewife.

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