Happy Birthday!


How is it possible that my younger sister is another year old?!?!? Looking back over the past years it’s neat to see how our relationship has changed. When we were younger it took a lot of work (on Mom’s part!) to help us get along together, but now we’re friends, who enjoy hanging out and spending time together. It’s neat to see how our relationship has changed over the years and it’s exciting to think of the fun and adventures we will have together in the future! 🙂

Bonnie has so many inspiring qualities. One of the things I love about her is her diligence to write quotes down in her notebook. This is a habit she picked up many years ago and so now we have years worth of funny and memorable quotes to read through, bringing back wonderful memories. She is preserving little snapshots of our lives to be enjoyed over and over again.

I also admire her passion for other people. Her desire is to share the Gospel with others and has been striving towards that goal for awhile. She governs her life (even small things such as observing the speed limit) with the desire to always be a godly witness and testimony for Christ.

I love you, Bonnie!

~ Carrie ~

Happy Birthday, Bonnie!

As Carrie mentioned, Bonnie has been collecting quotes for quite a few years now. A lot of the quotes she collects are random and funny snippets of conversation. She’ll frequently quote a friend or make reference to some quote that she has written down. Below are some of the quotes that feature Bonnie.

Bonnie (falling dramatically): It’s my dramatic death scene.
Carrie: Not in here, Bonnie. Take it in the other room.

Melinda: Oh studious one!
Bonnie: That’s me!

Bonnie: Robert, do you remember when…
Robert: Yes!
Bonnie: No you don’t! I haven’t told you yet!

Bonnie: Do you go to Target often?
Uncle Lance looks at her strangely.
Mom: Bonnie….he worked there.
Bonnie: Oh yeah…I knew that…I was just…uh…testing you.

Bonnie: Michael, I’m shooting daggers at you with my eyes.
Michael: Ouch.

Bonnie: This is so…so…insert random adjective here.

Bonnie: He gave me his electronic John Hancock.

(Bear stands on hind legs. Music plays.)
Bonnie: It’s kind of like Jaws, only this time it’s Claws.

Bonnie: Dong! Dong! Dong!
Melinda: What are you doing?
Bonnie: I’m a clock.

Bonnie: Let it be known that whoever harbors the enemy shall be punished. (pause) Carrie the fly is on your back!

~ Melinda ~

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