Worthwhile Links


Why don’t the real reason christians spend more time praying? This post is very convicting!

Some blessings of living a simple life.


What great ideas these are to welcome and prepare for your husband/father to come home from work.


This post gives “10 Creative Ways to Recycle Old Books”. I really like the idea of putting things in a hollowed out book…but I’m not sure if I could bring myself to cut up a book like that. The invisible bookshelf and clock also intrigue me…gotta try those out someday.

Modesty…in Days Gone By

“Based on what I’ve seen of her old photographs, my maternal grandmother’s friends were exceptionally blessed in the looks department. Come to think of it, my paternal grandmother’s friends were, as well.

“This is always my first impression when I peruse their old photo albums anyway. In reality, though, none of the women memorialized between the pages of these books had Marilyn Monroe’s figure or Audrey Hepburn’s profile. In fact, some of them were homely, some of them were plump, and none of them were flawless.

~ To read the rest of this article, visit Empowered Traditionalist.

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2 Responses to Worthwhile Links

  1. Thanks for linking- glad to see this article getting around. Isn’t it fun!

  2. Thank you so much for the link! I’m off to explore some of the others you mentioned 🙂

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