So Many Quilts…So Little Time

I have recently discovered a love for quilting. That love is evidenced by the four quilts I currently have in progress. Whenever I feel like quilting then, the question is which quilt should I work on?


This first quilt is one Carrie and I began last December for a friend, who was getting married. As the date for her wedding neared, Carrie and I realized we wouldn’t have the quilt finished before the big day. So we wrapped it up to present to her the day of her bridal shower…and then kept it so we could complete it. Two months after her wedding we’re still plugging away! It will be finished one day…


This square is part of a friendship quilt I began several years ago. I made quilt squares and then asked my friends to sign their names and/or write a message on the square. After getting most of my friends to sign square (I still have a few friends I need to sign a square!), I decided I wanted some squares that had quotes about friendship. I found some quotes and began the embroidering process last night.


Thanks to Ashley, I discovered string quilts! I was intrigued and I decided last week to begin my first string quilt. I’ve been having loads of fun making these squares.


Years ago we received a box of pre-cut quilt squares. I finally decided to do something with the squares and the quilt top shown above is the first quilt I made from the squares we were given. (There are plenty more squares to make more quilts.) I need to purchase fleece for the backing on this quilt in order to finish it up.

So those are my quilts-in-progress. I’ve been enjoying myself immensely while working on these projects…it will be fun when all four of them are completed and I can see the end result of my work.

~ Melinda ~

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