Parental Rights

Parental rights are important. Currently, our government is working on trying to take away the rights of parents to raise their children. You can make a difference. Call your state Senators and local Representative and let him/her know where you stand on this issue. It is quick and easy…and gets the word out that parents want to be able to raise their children without the government getting involved.

Check here to see if your Representatives are on board with the amendment.  Check here to see if your Senators are.

This is a very important issue.  I am NOT a phone person….and was extremely nervous about making the three phone calls to my Senators and Representative.  (Just ask my Mom or Melinda.)  But it was not at all hard.  I got a busy signal on one…left a message on another.  Even when I got a live person, it was not hard.  I just said that I wanted to urge the Representative to vote yes on the Parental Rights Amendment.  The guy basically said, “Great!  We just got another call about that, too.  I’ll put you down as a yes.” 

So if anyone, like me, is not a phone person…it’s not hard!  This is such an important issue and it is worth it. 

It is also a great privilege to be able to be involved in our government in this way.  Not all countries are as blessed as we are.  It is a privilege to be able to call and tell what we believe and want the government to do.  It is a privilege and a right.

Please take the time to call today!


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