Sleeping with a Toddler

A few months before Carter was born, I realized that I needed to be getting more sleep at night. The “problem”? Drew slept in our bedroom. He was pretty good about sleeping through the night, but he did occasionally wake up and his little noises bothered me. I also figured that he would learn to sleep better if he was able to sleep in a different room. But…in a one bedroom apartment there just wasn’t space for him to have his own room.  

So Tim suggested we let him sleep in the living room. We started putting Drew to bed in our bedroom and then when we are ready to hit the sack, Tim moved Drew and his bed out to the living room. Initially I thought it would be too much trouble to be constantly moving his bed around, but the better night’s sleep we got definitely made it worth the trouble! (Especially now that we have another baby! 🙂

That’s what works for us!

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