Fun Sewing Project

I have a skirt that I bought at Wal-Mart several years ago. After noticing how the skirt was made in panels, I thought it might be easy to trace a pattern based on the original skirt and then I could make more skirts to look like the original. So…I took out tissue paper, trace a pattern, made a sample on muslin to see if it would work and I was fairly pleased with the result.

Here is the original skirt…


My dog decided he wanted me to pet him while Mom was taking the picture. And no, I am not I pulling his ears I am rubbing them.


Here is a better picture where you can actually see the skirt. I got Toby to at least sit next to me while Mom took a picture.

Here is the new skirt…


I loved the detail of the top stitching. On the original skirt, the top stitching blends in more since the thread is the same color as the fabric. On the skirt I made, I like the little bit of the contrast the black thread provides on the dark gray fabric.


~ Melinda ~

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