Decluttering and Space!

It’s sometimes difficult to get up the motivation to declutter and organize. It’s a lot of work to get everything out…takes time to sort through…and more time to organize and put away. In between taking care of the boys, making meals and other work and projects. However it is a necessary thing and once it’s done it makes life so much easier! I know what I have and can easily find things. There’s space for the necessary items and nothing is so crammed in there that when you grab one item several others come along with it! 🙂

Declutter 1

It’s difficult to see, but this cupboard was starting to frustrate me. Everything was pretty much thrown in there and jumbled up. It was one of those cupboards that is just not fun to get things out of! 🙂 It only took a few minutes until it looked like this…

Declutter 2

I threw out the trash/junk that had accumulated in there. The Q-tips were condensed into one box. My candles are in the back left corner and the toilet paper in the back right corner. And there is now plenty of space for the iron. 🙂

Declutter 3

My drawer was also a jumbled mess. It was stuffed full of things and I was unable to do much about it as the drawer was broken for a long while until maintenance finally came to repair it. 🙂 Once again it didn’t take too long to get my drawer all organized…

Declutter 4

What a pretty sight! 🙂 The baby stuff (brushes, thermometers, etc) were put in one of Drew’s drawers. My hair clips are in the back container…my hair “appliances” are on the right and my few earrings in the container in the front. 🙂

Declutter 5

Most of those were my maternity clothes and I was tired of having them sitting in the top of our closet. When I decluttered our hall closet a couple of weeks ago I found some empty boxes. So my maternity clothes are packed away in the hall closet…

Declutter 6

Now all that’s left up there are clothes that can be worn soon (or remade into something else). Yay! It feels great to have gotten so much done!!

~ Carrie ~

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One Response to Decluttering and Space!

  1. cherie de castro says:

    haha -decluttering is the hardest job in the world! good luck!

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