My Boys


Drew was seventeen months last Friday, the 24th. Wow! Only one more month and he will be a year and a half old. Time does fly! 🙂

Drew is enjoying learning how to help around the house  more.  One of his favorite jobs is helping mommy empty the dishwasher. He will pull out one piece of silverware at a time and hand it to me so I can put it away. He also enjoys pulling the plates out and stacking them on the floor for me. 🙂

He loves climbing on things and recently mastered the art of climbing up on the couch. He enjoys climbing on the first step of our little stepstool, but he still needs a bit of help getting back down. 🙂

We’re working on learning how to match shapes and put them in their respective holes. It’s so much fun to see the excitement in his face when he learns something new! 🙂


Carter is two months old now and if I thought time was passing quickly with Drew, it’s going much faster with Carter! I can’t believe it’s been two months!

It’s so neat to see how much of a difference one month can make in a baby’s life. Carter now smiles and responds more to us. It’s so much fun to sit and talk to him and just watch his whole face light up with a smile.

~ Carrie ~

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  1. Isn’t it just crazy how quickly they grow? 🙂

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