WFMW – Downsizing a T-Shirt

During my semester studying in Israel, the students had the opportunity to create a own T-shirt design in order to commemorate our semester. The gal in charge of ordering the T-shirts email everyone asking what size everyone wanted. I had to decide between small and medium.

Since I wasn’t sure how small a small T-shirt would be, I requested a medium. When I received the T-shirt however…the shirt might has well have been extra large! I was sorely disappointed. Thus began my search to discover a way to downsize a T-shirt…

After finding multiple resources that described how to (hopefully!) get a cotton T-shirt to shrink, I finally found instructions on how to cut and sew a T-shirt into a T-shirt that fits perfectly. Sewing Republic provides an tutorial on how to downsize a large T-shirt.



Forgive the poor quality of picture…I was home alone and had to work with the self-timer on my camera. Consequently, I didn’t get a very good picture.



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~ Melinda ~

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4 Responses to WFMW – Downsizing a T-Shirt

  1. Rachel R. says:

    Thanks! I’m pretty small, so t-shirts are nearly always too big on me. I’m headed over to check out the tutorial you mentioned. BTW, what is that on the logo?

  2. wholesomewomanhood says:

    It is a picture of an Ibex, a wild goat in Israel. The text says IBEX, which was the name of the college program I studied with while I was in Israel. It stands for Israel Bible Extension Program.

    ~ Melinda ~

  3. Addy says:

    Oh I loved Israel even though I was only there two weeks! I saw quite a few ibex too! Great link to that tutorial! Thanks for sharing.

  4. mom2fur says:

    Thank you so much! I always buy large to fit my bustline, but that means the shirts are waaaay too long and fall off my shoulders. (I’m petite in height and bones but not in roundness, LOL! So I have to compensate!) It will be nice to fix my Ts so they fit properly!

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