It has been a lot of fun making gifts to give since Drew has been born. You know that any gift that relates to Drew will be a hit with the grandparents! I came up with this idea from a blog post I saw and then adapted it to what I wanted to do.


I used red paint to put Drew’s footprints on muslin squares. I was originally hoping to do his hand prints but figured it would be too much work trying to get him to open his hand to get the print on the fabric…not too mention a little on the messy side! When we did this back in January for my mom he had no problem with his feet getting messy. When we did in in April again for Tim’s mom…he didn’t particularly care for the process.

Then I embroidered Drew’s name and mom’s birthdate on one…and I Love You on the other. I used red fleece for the back and simple red ribbon for the hanger. Once I sewed the muslin to the fabric I stitched right along the edge to give it a more finished look.

While it doesn’t look professional I was pleased with how the turned out. And his feet are really cute!

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~ Carrie ~

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2 Responses to Potholders

  1. Oh that will be fun to pill out years from now. I love seeing little hands and feet after they are older. Cute.

  2. mom2fur says:

    That’s adorable! I can see it done for Christmas, too. You could do the muslin on the front and a Christmas print on the back. Maybe by next Christmas, Drew won’t mind opening up his hand for a handprint, LOL!
    About 15 years ago, btw, I made a turkey with a tail that consisted of traced images of my kid’s hands. Four kids x 2 hands (left and right) made a nice, full tail. (The body was made from a wood piece and the whole thing set on a wood base. Alas, Mr. Turkey’s beak broke off some time ago, LOL!) Anyway, it is fun to see those little hands year after year. The biggest ones were of my now 27-year-old son. Back then, they were the same size as mine are, but not any more. They grow so fast, and we need these little memories!

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