Christians and Evolution

Yesterday in the biology class that I teach, we had a good discussion on worldview. The chapter we are currently studying is about evolution. Fortunately the textbook is a Christian text so the author continually demonstrates the lack of scientific evidence for evolution.

I gave my students a writing assignment this week to evaluate how Christians should respond to evolution. Should Christians accept evolution since the authority of science backs it up? Should they reject evolution completely? Or should they somehow strike a balance between their faith and evolution?

The author of the biology textbook briefly highlighted these questions but says nothing in regard to the answer since he wanted to deal with evolution solely from a scientific perspective. But I wanted my students to think about this important issue.

I asked my students what ideas they had for answering the question…off the top of their heads. They started by saying that Christians should be open-minded and should approach the issue scientifically, weighing both sides of the issue. I agree with those statements. But I pointed out to them that every person approach the issue of evolution that way.

So I asked them. What is unique about the way a Christian should respond to evolution as opposed to a nonbeliever?

As we continued discussing the question, it became apparent they believed evolution to contradict the biblical account of creation. But at the same time, they did not want to cite Scripture as their only support for rejecting evolution since most people and scientists do not accept Scripture as reliable evidence.

I threw out another question or two, hoping to stimulate thought on their part. Hopefully when they turn in their reports next week, they will demonstrate that they gave the issue a great deal of thought and are confident about what they believe.

Personally, I believe Christians should not shrink from standing firmly on Scripture as their ultimate, absolute authority for rejecting evolution. The Bible is the word of God…there is no greater authority or reason we could possibly have for rejecting evolution. Since that is the case, why, as a whole, are Christians not bolder with asserting the authority of Scripture?

Does it matter that your average person and scientists reject Scripture’s account of creation simply because it is a religious document? I think not. As a rule, evolutionists put forth reasons for their theory that I do not accept as authoritative but that does not mean their reasons are inherently unjustifiable. Just because the majority of people reject Scripture as an authority in this issue, does not mean that we should shirk from citing Scripture as the ultimate authority.

Does this mean that other scientific evidences in support of creation are unimportant? Definitely not! As Christians approach science confidently because of the truth of hte biblical account of creation then they are equipped to look at the scientific evidence. This extra-biblical evidence can even be used to buttress and support Scripture. But Scripture must always remain the foundation.

~ Melinda ~

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